Our Mission

Our intention is to share, teach, and help students understand the need for clarity and balance.

The practice of Qigong and meditation, along with the other exercises, help the open and the willing to expand beyond their limits, open strengths, and improve the places they need support.

Our training provides support for healing and growing through these ancient practices, based upon traditional methods and incorporating the knowledge and expertise from a lifetime of study.

Fire and Water is a form of alchemy. We need these two forces in nature to survive.

By integrating fire and water, we can develop our focus and spiritual intention, and create a third energy:
our spiritual self in the physical world.

Qigong is both an internal martial art and a healing art which utilizes meditation, movement and breathing to improve our energetic system, our mind and our body. Qigong helps us be mindful, pay attention and helps us let go of negative energies.

Medical Qigong

Medical qigong is a modality focused upon improving the movement of internal life force flow. Many physical, psychological, and emotional maladies are the result of blockage and the clearing can yield tremendous benefits.

Herbal Supplements

We offer our herbal supplements for martial arts and qigong training. Ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers and are of the highest quality. These formulas can stimulate circulation, reduce pain and swelling, and improve healing.

Grandmaster Tzun Tzun Hsue

Trained in both Tibet and China since the age of 7, Tzun Tzun has been teaching Tibetan Qigong and Martial Arts in the US since 1974. He possesses a kind of earthy, gut level psychology that holds no allegiance, mastery of numerous martial arts systems and an ongoing curiosity in human development.

When teaching, his emphasis is on personal growth, not on image, lifestyle, conformity, or appearance. Classes are a combination of traditional lineage and experimentation with new techniques, a balance of experimentation and tradition.