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Everything is in flux. The world is more stressful than ever. The environment is a challenge. Learning how to stay relax during this time can be a real test as well useful tool. Meditation can be helpful, or it can be harmful. If we do not keep in balance.  it makes us in denial. If we use it to be mindful and work through our conflict, then it can be helpful. Using our ability to work through our conflicts we can learn to overcome our stress and related triggers by breathing and being aware where in our body the energies are stuck. This form of Tibetan Qigong is based upon certain training taught to me by a master of this art. It emphasis standing and energy flow as well as good structure and relaxation. This system focus on understanding practice of breathing and sensing physical and non physical states of awareness.  The system also use breathing and proper intention to feel and direct the blockage and stress to relax and relax. It does not emphasis forceful actions but natural release and focus. It uses breathing and practices that are based upon Tibetan Tumo and Yoga principles as well. It does not emphasis over working our thoughts and mind. So the ability in the western culture to process our thoughts are not encourage in meditation. During meditation all focus is breathing not analysis our thoughts and words. If a person is doing this, it is not meditation. If a person claims they know our system and encourages process and thoughts than it is not our system. Also, if the emphasis is on big breathing it is incorrect, and you should be looking elsewhere for training. There is a part of the mental training that uses reflection to review and observe. It does not base upon analysis of intent rather how to use it to take action by questioning and then making final intent to take action. To find out more write or call for more information. There are those who are teaching without authorization and do not mention having train with me. Please be aware they are not authorized and you take it at your own risk. There are those who mention my master and do not even know his real name. That should be a warning. I will no mention it here for risk of them using that to their own needs.


The practice of Tibetan Qigong of this system has many important practices. The breathing has many benifits that cannot be overlooked.  Some of these skills are from Tumo type breathing and forms of Yoga. We also help create unity between our body and mind. . If you are interested and can put in the energy you will be successful in the practice and in life. .The art of breathing is learning how to connect and be aware. Through practice to let go of the thoughts and mind and pay attention to breathe. It is through practice and making correction we improve our flow through physical awareness and sensing what we are experiencing. I was trained in practices that focus on physical and non physical awareness. These skills have nothing to do with over powering someone else rather to develop awareness skills of the body that can be only be develop when you combine both physical and mental and energy awareness to the training. Our training is not align with the Buddahism but rather the many practices that were non align . and  had more Gnostic in nature. A side note there are those who I have taught who are teaching tthat do not have the experience to teach. It is a word of caution that without proper training there could be physical and pyschological harm without proper knowledge. They are teaching with little understanding for the background of what I taught. One claims to be a Grandmaster in our Tibetan system which is highly unlikey. So asking to be cautious because the fact it is not true. Get involve at your own risk. It is not authentic and not correct.

We provide online training only right now. It is the only way due to concern to keep ourselves and others safe. We hope you understand for the safety of all we are asking all to understand this is the only way to keep people safe right now.

[blockquote text=”Fire and Water is a form of alchemy. We need these two forces in nature to survive.” show_quote_icon=”no” text_color=”#ffffff” title_tag=”h3″]
[blockquote text=”By integrating fire and water, we can develop our focus and spiritual intention, and create a third energy:
our spiritual self in the physical world.
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About Our Qigong Classes

Our Qigong Classes or groups is about learning. Our intention is to set the space and atmosphere for learning. We cannot expect everybody to learn at the same pace. Our class or group is about sharing and learning new ways to help motivate and learn the training. The main focus should be doing the Meditation and help improve the mental state and strengthen the body. So to do that we must improve the breathing and mental focus. We also do life training skills as well as help people work through and gain insights on their personal conflcits. 

Medical Qigong

Medical qigong is a modality focused upon improving the movement of internal life force flow. Many physical, psychological, and emotional maladies are the result of blockage and the clearing can yield tremendous benefits.

Herbal Supplements

We offer our herbal supplements for martial arts and qigong training. Ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers and are of the highest quality. These formulas can stimulate circulation, reduce pain and swelling, and improve healing.

Grandmaster Tzun Tzun Hsue

Trained in both Tibet and China since the age of 7, Tzun Tzun has been teaching Tibetan Qigong and Martial Arts in the US since 1974. He possesses a kind of earthy, gut level psychology that holds no allegiance, mastery of numerous martial arts systems and an ongoing curiosity in human development.

When teaching, his emphasis is on personal growth, not on image, lifestyle, conformity, or appearance. Classes are a combination of traditional lineage and experimentation with new techniques, a balance of experimentation and tradition.


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